My 15 minutes of fame!

This week I experienced a few days of utter madness courtesy of Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach. Whilst I love working on every cake I make I’ll not deny there was extra excitement in the air when I took an order from Triumph UK to make a birthday cake for Joe; it was the petrol tank from his beloved bike and to make it more fun they agreed I could sit him on it. I delivered it on Monday morning then sat with baited breath to see if he might post a photo on his Instagram page … a couple of hours later he did not only that but the most wonderful video of my cake and how delighted he was with it; I can’t deny there were tears! Within the space of 24 hours I had 500 new followers on Instagram, numerous new enquiries, articles about Joe and his cake appearing online in Hello, The Daily Mail and The Sun, insanely there are over 52000 likes of the picture on his page.

Walking on air is a good description … and the smile hasn’t left my face yet!