Opening your mind

As the autumn wedding fair season draws to a close and the lovely couples who I have met come along for design & tasting consultations, one thing always strikes me. Brides (and grooms, but usually brides) open their saved mood board on Pinterest and it is full of pink/blue/purple (insert your favourite colour here) cakes. It probably shouldn’t, but this still surprises me every time; any cake can be designed in any colour to suit your individual requirements! I spend a lot of time helping couples to hone in on the elements of cakes that they like, the size/shape/texture/flowers/people/stencilling/piping rather than simply seeing a ‘pink’ cake; just think of how many perfect designs you may miss by never looking beyond the colour. As an example these cakes have the same basic design but each has different detailing, giving a variety of looks. So when you have a consultation with me I hope to help you open your eyes beyond a palette and create a dream cake just for you.